About Capital Y-Tri 

The point of Y-Tri is to have fun – think of it as an adult summer camp.  The program is run and coached by volunteers who will be training for their own triathlons.  We do this program because we love the sport and we love having the camaraderie of old friends and the joy of attracting new friends to the sport. 

Y-Tri is active year-round with members training for specific races and just keeping in shape. Each year, we have a structured training program -- typically beginning in early February and continuing through mid-June -- to prepare for an Olympic distance race. Many of us will also be training for other races during the year –  like Lake Anna, Philly, or Eagleman. 

The club is a great way to find workout buddies to stay motivated throughout the year. Club members can join weekend training events, get full access to the club website and listserv, and enjoy discounts from our sponsors. Veteran and newbie registration begins each January and all members must pay a (minimal) annual club fee that contributes to the YMCA's youth programs. 

Review the 2019 Training Program overview to learn more!   


For the past 17 years, YTri has trained at the YMCA of Metropolitan Washington -- first at the National Capital branch, and now at the YMCA Anthony Bowen. The Anthony Bowen branch is a wonderful facility that supports all three disciplines! Check it out at:  

YMCA Anthony Bowen: 1325 W St NW, Washington, DC 20009